Hosting your domain is easy!

At SWHI, we pride ourselves in our customer service and the reliability of our systems.


Our experience in web hosting goes back to 1996. Our systems are monitored 24/7/365 for nearly 100% uptime, and when there is a problem, we react quickly. Our hosting platforms are designed to provide you, our clients, with maximum control over your site, it’s users and so much more. While we provide this easy to use web-based access for creation of users, databases, subdomains and more, we’re also happy to perform these tasks for you – at no additional charge.

This is why, in an industry of client turn-over, SWHI boasts 99% customer retention over twenty years of doing business.

Hosting your domain is secure!


Each month we filter out an average of 1,000,000 (ONE MILLION!!!) SPAM emails at the server level. Combine this with our platform’s user-configurable, mailbox level SPAM controls and your Inbox is, once again, yours.

Management and backing up your site has never been easier. With the latest cPanel software, you’re in complete control. If you’d like or need help we’re here for you!

Your Domain Name?


If you’ve already obtained your web address (ex:, you’re set to go. Just pick a hosting package and Contact Us.

If you need to get a web address (domain name), use our domain registration form and it will automatically be pointed to our servers. We’ll be notified when your domain is ready to go.

Ok, so what does it cost?

SWHI Hosting Packages
Service Option Corporate Web Hosting
Monthly Rate
(billed quarterly or annually)
Storage 25 GB
Mailboxes (POP or IMAP) 50
Web Based Email Interface Included
Unlimited Email Aliases Included
Auto/Vacation Responders Included
Subdomains 50
Static IP Address (required for SSL) +$7.00/month/IP
Bandwidth/month1 5,000 M
Server-side SPAM Filters Included
CGI Scripts / PHP / Server Includes Included
MySQL Databases incl. phpMyAdmin 20
Site Administrator cPanel Included
Site Administrator Initiated Site Backups Included
Online Graphical Site Statistics Included
Access to Raw Web Logs Included
Shell Access (SSH) JailShell access $5.00/month
Word Press (Install, Setup and Test) No Charge
Upon Request

Not seeing what you need or want?

If our standard fare doesn’t fit your particular needs, please Contact Us. SWHI serves clients of all sizes; we’ll be happy to customize a package to fit any hosting requirements.

1Bandwidth Usage is monitorable from within the site admin control panel. Bandwidth overages are charged at +$0.75/1,024M over the allotment. Additional bandwidth may be purchased upon request. Please Contact us for more information and pricing.